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The AgroPortal project aims at reusing the scientific outcomes and experience of the biomedical domain in the context of plant, agronomic, food, and biodiversity sciences. We offer an ontology portal which features ontology hosting, search, versioning, visualization, comment, recommendation, enables semantic annotation, as well as storing and exploiting ontology alignments. All of these within a fully semantic web compliant infrastructure. The AgroPortal specifically pays attention to respect the requirements of the agronomic community in terms of ontology formats or supported features.

Getting Started

AgroPortal allows users to browse, upload, download, search, comment on, and create mappings for ontologies.

Browse The Library

Users can browse and explore individual ontologies by navigating either a tree structure or an animated graphical view. Users can also view mappings and ontology metadata, and download ontologies.

Additionally, users who are signed in may also submit a new ontology to the library. All submissions to the library are reviewed.


Documentation and examples of the AgroPortal Web services.


If you have any comment or need for support, please email If you are interested and would like to join our information mailing list, please subscribe to our user mailing list

How to Cite BioPortal

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How to Cite AgroPortal

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